What is a CVC?

A Card Verification Code, or CVC, is a number that provides extra security to credit and debit card holders, in case an unauthorized person gets a hold of your account number.

CVCs are one way to make sure someone has the actual card in his or her possession. The location of the CVC and number of digits varies depending on card type.

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Your Order ID Number

Once your order is complete you'll be presented with an order receipt. Record the Order ID number on your check, make it payable to WinterKids, and mail it to:

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WinterKids We Make Winter Fun

Helping children develop healthy lifelong habits through fun, outdoor winter activity.


All 5th, 6th, and 7th graders in Maine are eligible for a Passport! From downhill and cross country skiing to ice skating and snow tubing, the Passport has something for everyone! View our current Passport offers.


Our FunPass offers Maine’s youngest children, from preschool through 4th grade, the chance to try cross country skiing and snowshoeing on groomed trails-- for free!


Our Guide to Outdoor Active Learning (GOAL) makes it easy for preschool and elementary teachers to integrate fun, outdoor activity into their winter lessons-- all while meeting education standards.


WinterKids is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization that depends on the generosity of our sponsors and supporters—and people just like you!

My 5th grader struggles to get outside in the winter. Because of the Passport, we all learned to ski (myself included). My daughter will always remember it was because of WinterKids that we hit the slopes for the first time. I think skiing is a lifetime skill she will enjoy forever. Yvonne Mickles, WinterKids Passport Parent
The WinterKids Passport completely transformed our family’s attitude toward winter and, more importantly, transformed our behavior. Winter went from being a non-physical indoor season to a whole family activity extravaganza! It was so wonderful that we were actually sad to see the snowiest winter in years come to a close! Kelly Desrosiers, WinterKids Passport Parent